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Suite 9A, Level 1 Cleveland Road, Parnell, Auckland 1052, New Zealand
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Quality Beyond Question

We’re driven by quality, and go the distance to ensure that Eternity Tiles meet the toughest global standards, every step of the way.

The process begins with importing the finest available Glaze and Ink from Spain and Italy. Next, we employ the most sophisticated GVT production technology in the field.

The Press, Kiln, and Machinery are brought in from Sacmi, Italy; the Digital Printing Machine comes from Creta Print, Spain, and the Nano-Polishing Machine from Keda.

Our in-house R&D facility and testing laboratory, equipped with cutting-edge technology and some of the brightest minds, work tirelessly to create innovative products %u2013 exploring new finishes, textures, materials, and dimensions, meeting international standards in innovation and quality.

 Every single tile is then tested for Flatness, Rectangularity, Porosity, and Abrasion-resistance. Our hi-tech Detection Machines and tile experts are able to spot the minutest cracks, color grading variation, pinholes, and texture problems.

Once ready, the tiles are packed using the Automated Packing Machine for utmost safety and damage-resistance.

Add to this the fact that Eternity Tiles are easy to handle, cut, and drill, and you have the perfect solution for your floors and walls

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